• The turnaround time on reports exceeds the delivery and turnaround time of any other vendor. —Deborah H., Operations Director
  • HR4NON-PROFITS saves us a significant amount of money every year. The money we have saved, we have redirected toward programs. This is the experience and opportunity every executive wants for their organization. —Richard C., Chief Operations Officer
  • One of the best financial decisions we made was selecting HR4NON-PROFITS as our HR outsourcing vendor. The service is excellent. They had added a lot of value to our organization. —Pat H., Chief Financial Officer
  • Theresa Dear and the HR4NON-PROFITS team created a strategic plan for us that critically engaged our thinking and challenged us to look at our organization very differently. We've had a strategic plan for many years and this is by far the strongest one we've implemented. —Lisa C., President
  • The Diversity and Inclusion Training was one the most challenging, insightful and applicable sessions. We are better leaders as a result of the facilitation, exercises and the challenge for us to look at our organizations as a business and the diversity impact on clients and customers. Our employee and client retention rate is its highest since our leadership team completed training. —Kenneth H., Vice President, Marketing
  • HR4NON-PROFITS investigations, assessments and surveys are non-intrusive and very thorough. —Andrea B., Executive Director
  • We couldn't have served as many clients had it not been for the pro bono work of HR4NON-PROFITS. Thank you very much. —Karla H., President

Some of our clients include:

African Methodist Episcopal Church

American Camping Association

Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities


Family Advocacy Center

Hoopin' for SMA


Job Corps
Job Corps


Lakeside Community Committee

Lois House

Lott Carey

Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University

One Hope United

Roseland Community Hospital

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army


Tarrant County College

U.S. coast Guard Academy
United States Coast Guard Academy

United States Department of Agriculture


United States Environmental Protection Agency


U.S. Equal Employment Opportuninty Commission
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


U.S. Marine Corps
United States Marine Corps Headquarters


United States Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

Veteran's Affairs



Youth Guidance
Youth Guidance

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