Incubator Project

The Incubator Project – Changing the World – one cause – one company at a time

The Incubator Project is one of HR4NON-PROFITS Inc. ways of giving back. We are optimists, imaginers and dreamers who believe we can make a difference and change the world by helping others in a real, tangible and substantive way. The purpose of the project is to support, nurture, deposit, advise and invest in the accelerated growth of a non-profit for one year.

The goal of The Incubator Project is one of organizational capacity building where one company will experience a unique journey of expansion, development, and sustainable growth. HR4NON-PROFITS' partnership and contribution during this journey is to provide management, coaching, leadership, infrastructure and operations strategy, solutions, and support to a non-profit organization for one year. The strategies, solutions, and support provided will include, but are not limited to employee handbook design and development, management training, strategic planning, compliance audits, coaching, board development, social network implementation and enhancement, website development, grant-writing, and computer, office furniture and supplies procurement. All of these services and more are pro bono – at no cost – to the non-profit organization for one year.

"As a child and a young adult, I was the recipient of many non-profit services. So many people have given so generously to my academic, professional, social and religious experience. I personally realized the transforming experience of non-profit organizations. The Incubator Project is our way of giving back and paying it forward," said Theresa Dear, Founder of HR4NON-PROFITS Inc. We want progressive, innovative, visionary and committed organizations to have the capacity to perform and deliver at higher service levels and for more clients.

We want to make it easier and faster for organizations to realize their goals and reach more people. We want to change the world – one cause – one company at a time.

Submission and Selection Criteria
  1. Eligible organization must be in operation/business 1-7 years
  2. Eligible organization must have a stable and committed board of directors, where board members support the organization with consistent giving and/or attendance and/or fund development. Eligible organization must submit summary of board bios with evidence of board stability and commitment
  3. Eligible organization must be committed to one of several causes: children, families, women, senior citizens, health, hunger, housing, domestic violence, youth development, employment or crisis response
  4. Eligible organization must submit a three (3) page document on why your organization should be selected, include years in operation/business
  5. Eligible organization must be prepared to submit financials for the number of years in operation/business
  6. Eligible organization must submit three (3) letters of recommendations from community leaders or corporate partners
  7. Eligible organization must be technologically oriented or open to using/employing technology
  8. Must submit documents via email by February 28th

Information submitted to HR4NON-PROFITS is private.  We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, fans, friends and followers.  We will not disclose, reveal, sell or provide access to any email, contact or company information.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is HR4NON-PROFITS doing this?

    The need is great. The natural disasters and the economic decline in the United States have ushered greater humanitarian needs to help families and communities. Additionally, many non-profit organizations had to close their doors because of a lack of funding. Our purpose is simple. We want to make sure another family is housed, clothed and fed and not turned away because of a lack of resources. We believe helping an organization will provide long-term and sustained resources to families and communities.

  2. Where do I submit documents?

    Please submit documents to:

  3. When will HR4NON-PROFITS select the organization?

    HR4NON-PROFITS will select and announce the organization on April 1st.

  4. How often will HR4NON-PROFITS be on-site at my location?

    HR4NON-PROFITS partnership with the selected organization is not intended to be disruptive or distracting. Our goal is to work in the background with the leadership team and board members. We may visit the site once per quarter to observe and celebrate how best practices and resources are benefiting the organization.

  5. Who owns the materials developed during this partnership?

    The selected organization will own all materials developed during the partnership.

  6. What happens after the organization is selected?

    The Project team immediately conferences with you and begins the needs assessment and planning process.

  7. Would a loss of funding or the resignation of board members disqualify the selected organization from The Incubator Project?

    No. Supporting an organization through challenges and crises is one of the benefits of the partnership. When an organization needs support during critical times, HR4NON-PROFITS will be supportive and responsive.

  8. What happens after one year?

    After one year, we will celebrate our journey together and your new capacity to independently soar to new heights, deliver more services and secure more funding.

  9. During the year will there be public highlights about HR4NON-PROFITS' work with the winning organization?

    Yes, from time to time HR4NON-PROFITS will post pictures or videos of project progression and successes.

  10. Will HR4NON-PROFITS help more than one organization?

    It is part of our vision to help many organizations in different ways. However, we want to make sure the launch of our first project is successful. After the completion of the first project, we will select another organization and partner with them for one year.

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