Pro-Bono Services

At the core of our value system is giving back. We believe in investing and reinvesting in the mission and initiatives of our clients.

The work that you do is noble, invaluable and needed. We admire all you do to advance improvements for communities, families and causes around the world. Whether your cause is for children’s literacy, planting trees, helping veterans, educating senior citizens, treating patients, exhibiting art, advocating change or recruiting cadets for service, we want to help you reach your goals and sustain and grow your programs.

We give back to our clients in many ways. We introduce them to key people to help with fundraising. We provide key information to help with fundraising. We volunteer our time in fundraising events. We also provide pro-bono service to all of our clients.

Pro-bono service includes training, background checks, staffing and auditing for all our clients. There is no gimmick or catch. All members of HR4NON-PROFITS have benefited from the support and services of a non-profit organization in some capacity. Our way of saying thank you is giving back in a way that is tangible, sustaining and transformative to the organization.

Many people need your services. We want to make sure your services are available to them. If you are a client and would like pro-bono service, please call us at 630-830-4443 or email us at If you are not a client, but need critical services to carry out your mission and meet the needs of your clients, please call us or email us.


Background Checks, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Compliance Audits, General Information, Grievance Resolutions, Keynote Speaking, Sexual Harassment Training, Staffing

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